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Getting Help With My Back

As soon as I tweaked my back, I knew that I had a serious problem. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain was excruciating. I tried to hobble to the car, but I realized that I would need help. That day, my wife drove me to the nearest chiropractor, and that doctor helped me more than I thought was possible. After evaluating my condition, he informed me that I had a herniated disc in my back. In addition to adjusting my back to alleviate the pressure, the doctor also recommended some strengthening exercises that he said would help. These days, I can walk pain-free because of my chiropractor. Check out this blog to learn how a chiropractor can help you.

Getting Help With My Back

Tired of Depending Upon Antihistamines to Breathe? What are Your Natural Options?

Tyrone Berry

If you suffer from seasonal allergies that often require you to be medicated in order to function, you may be tired of dealing with the side effects and tolerance buildup resulting from overuse of antihistamines like pseudoephedrine. However, cutting back your consumption of these drugs could cause you to feel even worse. Read on to learn more about some natural treatments that can help lessen the symptoms of your seasonal allergies without potentially negative side effects. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Although you may associate chiropractic adjustments with the treatment of migraines, neck stiffness, or lower back pain, chiropractors can also help treat breathing difficulties like allergies and asthma. In some cases, problems with the alignment of your neck vertebrae can impact the way your sinuses drain -- and backed-up sinuses can cause infection and a host of other respiratory difficulties. By carefully manipulating your neck and sinuses into the proper position, a chiropractor may be able to help you breathe easier after just a single treatment. If you have any questions, consider discussing your concerns with local chiropractic services.


Another option that has been effective for many allergy sufferers is acupuncture. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with chiropractic treatment for a variety of ailments, but unlike chiropractic, acupuncture doesn't adjust your sinuses or spinal alignment. Instead, this treatment improves the function of your lymphatic system, reducing the release of histamines and antibodies that can interact with airborne particles to cause you physical misery. You may wish to combine your first acupuncture treatment with a chiropractor visit, although this therapy can be effective on its own as well.

Dietary Changes

For an at-home solution to allergies, you may want to look into reducing or eliminating certain foods from your diet. It's thought that dietary and nutritional problems are behind many of the increases in autoimmune disorders and allergies among certain segments of the population. Removing sugar, alcohol, red meat, and certain types of fruit from your diet can often yield immediate dividends, as can adding garlic and lots of dark green vegetables.

Although this can be a difficult adjustment for those who love red wine, chocolate, or a juicy steak, you may find that a life that doesn't involve dealing with constant allergy symptoms is worth the change -- and if changing your diet isn't having much of an effect on your allergy symptoms after a few weeks, you can go back to your regular diet with the satisfaction of having tried a new solution.