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Getting Help With My Back

The Pro's And Con's Of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Tyrone Berry

For employers seeking new personnel the question of whether or not to implement pre-employment drug screening is an important one. How you decide to proceed can have a profound impact on your business as a whole, and either decision will result in challenges. What you need to focus on is whether or not the challenges presented by your choice are worth it to you.

The Benefits of Pre-Screening

Making it clear well in advance that a certain standard of behavior is expected of you employees sends a very direct message. Pre-employment drug screenings are one way to convey this and hold employees to that standard. There are also financial benefits to consider as well, especially if the industry you operate in involves even a marginal amount of physical labor or the potential for bodily injury.

For many insurance providers, the assurance that employees are pre-screened for drug use can help reduce premiums. Further, drug use can be an indicator of other problems that may affect physical coordination and mental acuity, which may reduce an individual's reliability. All of these things directly impact your company's bottom line, leading to an increased cost of doing business or potential liability, which is better avoided.

The Drawbacks

No matter how you slice it, whether in the form of a contract with a local testing lab or on a per-case basis, drug screening costs money. Weighing that cost against the potential liability or loss of billable hours is really what's at the heart of the decision. Often overlooked though is the cost in skilled labor that can result from such limitations, where pre-employment drug screenings prevent otherwise valuable employees from ever applying in the first place.

According to a study conducted in 2012, approximately 24 million Americans (9.2%) regularly used some illicit substance, most of whom used marijuana.  That might not seem significant, but before you decide whether to implement a drug screening policy, it's important to first decide whether or not you feel it appropriate to reduce your potential hiring pool by that rate. It's reasonable to assume that a pre-employment screening requirement will prevent you from hiring an otherwise highly qualified individual.

Regardless of your feelings about drug testing in the work place, your final decision should be as objective as possible. As a business owner, the bottom line is what matters. When it comes to drug testing policies it's important that you make a decision which ensures the long term success of your business.

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