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Getting Help With My Back

As soon as I tweaked my back, I knew that I had a serious problem. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain was excruciating. I tried to hobble to the car, but I realized that I would need help. That day, my wife drove me to the nearest chiropractor, and that doctor helped me more than I thought was possible. After evaluating my condition, he informed me that I had a herniated disc in my back. In addition to adjusting my back to alleviate the pressure, the doctor also recommended some strengthening exercises that he said would help. These days, I can walk pain-free because of my chiropractor. Check out this blog to learn how a chiropractor can help you.

Getting Help With My Back

Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Back And Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Tyrone Berry

Because your body undergoes physical changes when you are pregnant, it's common to have aches and pains while you are expecting. Generally, doctors recommend avoiding the use of certain medications, including over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, when you are pregnant. As an alternative, working with a chiropractor who is specially trained to treat pregnant women may help get you relief from back, neck, and/or joint pain.

Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

  1. Protruding abdomen. As your uterus expands, it pushes your abdomen forward. Consequently, you may experience back pain, especially during the second half of your pregnancy when your spine has to support more weight.

  2. Changes in posture. As you get further along in your pregnancy, your pelvis tips backward more to balance the weight in the front as the baby inside you develops. The increasing arch in your lower back can put stress on your spine. With the shift in your center of gravity, poor posture caused by improper alignment can lead to neck pain, low back pain, and fatigue.

  3. Increased back curve. Abnormal curvature in the lower back puts increased pressure on the spine, which can tighten or weaken back muscles. The condition can lead to back aches, restricted movements, and gait problems (the way you walk).

  4. Changes in the pelvic bones and joints. The musculoskeletal changes that occur during pregnancy can contribute to back pain and balance problems. Strain in the pelvic region and on the pelvic joints can lead to varying levels of pain or discomfort which may include symptoms such as pain in the hips, limited hip range of motion, misalignment of pelvic or back joints, or pain that radiates down the inner thighs.

In working with pregnant patients, a chiropractor uses techniques that correct unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and spine. They also provide instruction in exercises and stretches that are safe to do during pregnancy.

Advanced Credentials

While all chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women, certain credentials signify that a doctor of chiropractic care has achieved additional training in chiropractic techniques used to treat pregnant women and children. When seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy, look for a chiropractor who has one or more of these credentials:

  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Certification (ICPA) – this is a membership for chiropractic doctors who provide care to pregnant women and children

  • Diplomate in the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics Certification (DACCP) – indicates advanced training in providing chiropractic care to pregnant women and children

  • Webster Certification – this is training in correcting misalignment of the triangular bone at the base of the spine and pelvic imbalance during pregnancy, which makes it easier for the fetus to get in the correct position for birth