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Getting Help With My Back

As soon as I tweaked my back, I knew that I had a serious problem. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain was excruciating. I tried to hobble to the car, but I realized that I would need help. That day, my wife drove me to the nearest chiropractor, and that doctor helped me more than I thought was possible. After evaluating my condition, he informed me that I had a herniated disc in my back. In addition to adjusting my back to alleviate the pressure, the doctor also recommended some strengthening exercises that he said would help. These days, I can walk pain-free because of my chiropractor. Check out this blog to learn how a chiropractor can help you.

Getting Help With My Back

Chiropractors Can Provide Holistic Body Wellness

Tyrone Berry

Chiropractic medicine has evolved significantly beyond performing adjustments. Today's chiropractors can offer a variety of services focused upon total body wellness in conjunction with traditional adjustments. What kind of services could you expect?

Spinal and Extremity Manipulation

The most familiar techniques are those concerning spinal and extremity manipulation. With these techniques, the chiropractor adjusts the spine or realigns arms, legs, or even hands and feet to relieve pain.

Pain relief is often the biggest reason that you would seek the help of a chiropractor, but it is not the only benefit from traditional manipulation. Other benefits include

  • Increased range of motion in joints
  • Greater flexibility in the core area, including a greater flexibility in and around the back and spine
  • Reduced inflammation in injured or chronically inflamed joints
  • Decreased sinus pain for those suffering from sinus issues
  • Improved nerve function

Nutrition and Wellness

Many chiropractors have expanded beyond just providing spinal, neck, and extremity manipulation into nutritional and wellness. Nutritional wellness often includes supplements and homeopathic remedies that can be used to naturally augment your body's own healing and defense capabilities. Examples of these supplements include

  • Vitamins such as multi-vitamins or ones targeted to assist with specific nutritional deficiencies
  • Supplements to improve strength of joints or healing of damaged joints
  • Supplements to assist with issues such as sinus problems, sleep disorders, or even anxiety

It is a good idea to see if your chiropractor is certified by the Chiropractor Board of Clinical Nutrition, or CBCN.  Certification shows that your chiropractor has taken the necessary courses and the time to understand the nutritional supplements that he or she is recommending.

Advanced Therapies

Some chiropractors have even gone into more advanced therapies to promote healing after surgery or injuries. There are a number of therapies that can fall into this category. One example is cold laser therapy.

For injuries that do not respond well to traditional healing techniques or are not healing as they should, cold laser therapy is an alternative with research to support it. A recent study in the Journal of Athletic Training showed that cold laser therapy helped to reduce the size of wounds in comparison to those that were not treated with cold lasers.

Cold laser therapy has also been used as a pain management technique. Since the cold laser is non-invasive, it does not require healing after application and does not interact adversely with any medications that a patient is already taking.

Going to the chiropractor can now provide multiple benefits beyond physical manipulation. When traditional techniques are combined with nutritional supplements and advanced techniques, the chiropractor, such as Dils Chiropractic, can address the same issues in multiple ways.