Getting Help With My Back
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Getting Help With My Back

As soon as I tweaked my back, I knew that I had a serious problem. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain was excruciating. I tried to hobble to the car, but I realized that I would need help. That day, my wife drove me to the nearest chiropractor, and that doctor helped me more than I thought was possible. After evaluating my condition, he informed me that I had a herniated disc in my back. In addition to adjusting my back to alleviate the pressure, the doctor also recommended some strengthening exercises that he said would help. These days, I can walk pain-free because of my chiropractor. Check out this blog to learn how a chiropractor can help you.

Getting Help With My Back

  • Thigh Pain Under 50: What Causes It And What Can You Do To Alleviate It?

    28 December 2015

    If you're under age 50 and experience pain in your thighs from sitting too long or exercising, you have a condition called trochanteric bursitis. Although trochanteric bursitis usually shows up in men and women 50 years old and over, it can also develop in younger adults who perform repetitive actions. The inflammation in your thighs can increase over time without the proper treatment, such as therapeutic massage. Here's what to know about trochanteric bursitis.

  • 4 All-Natural Ways To Relieve Back Pain

    9 July 2015

    For those who suffer from back pain, life can be quite challenging. Sometimes the pain can be so debilitating that even something as simple as being able to walk from one room of your home to another can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of all-natural methods that you can utilize to help alleviate this pain.  1. Get A Massage  Getting massages done on a regular basis is an excellent way to help relieve back pain.