Getting Help With My Back
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Getting Help With My Back

As soon as I tweaked my back, I knew that I had a serious problem. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain was excruciating. I tried to hobble to the car, but I realized that I would need help. That day, my wife drove me to the nearest chiropractor, and that doctor helped me more than I thought was possible. After evaluating my condition, he informed me that I had a herniated disc in my back. In addition to adjusting my back to alleviate the pressure, the doctor also recommended some strengthening exercises that he said would help. These days, I can walk pain-free because of my chiropractor. Check out this blog to learn how a chiropractor can help you.

Getting Help With My Back

  • Chiropractors Can Provide Holistic Body Wellness

    9 March 2016

    Chiropractic medicine has evolved significantly beyond performing adjustments. Today's chiropractors can offer a variety of services focused upon total body wellness in conjunction with traditional adjustments. What kind of services could you expect? Spinal and Extremity Manipulation The most familiar techniques are those concerning spinal and extremity manipulation. With these techniques, the chiropractor adjusts the spine or realigns arms, legs, or even hands and feet to relieve pain. Pain relief is often the biggest reason that you would seek the help of a chiropractor, but it is not the only benefit from traditional manipulation.

  • Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Back And Joint Pain During Pregnancy

    7 March 2016

    Because your body undergoes physical changes when you are pregnant, it's common to have aches and pains while you are expecting. Generally, doctors recommend avoiding the use of certain medications, including over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, when you are pregnant. As an alternative, working with a chiropractor who is specially trained to treat pregnant women may help get you relief from back, neck, and/or joint pain. Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

  • How The Webster Technique Might Help Your Baby Move From The Breech Position

    7 March 2016

    As you get closer to having your baby, your doctor may check to make sure your baby has moved into the correct head-down position for birth. If the baby does not move into this position, it is called a breech position. When this happens, your doctor will likely recommend a caesarean-section (c-section). If this happens to you, there is a chance you might be able to get the baby to turn itself by using a chiropractic strategy known as the Webster Technique.

  • The Pro's And Con's Of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

    4 March 2016

    For employers seeking new personnel the question of whether or not to implement pre-employment drug screening is an important one. How you decide to proceed can have a profound impact on your business as a whole, and either decision will result in challenges. What you need to focus on is whether or not the challenges presented by your choice are worth it to you. The Benefits of Pre-Screening Making it clear well in advance that a certain standard of behavior is expected of you employees sends a very direct message.

  • Three Health Ailments That A Massage Therapist Can Successfully Treat

    29 December 2015

    Massage therapy is commonly seen as an effective way to treat muscle discomfort, and while this is true, it's important for people to realize that visiting a massage therapist can provide relief for an extensive list of other things that ail you. Once you've identified the area in which you wish to see improvements, it's useful to call your local massage clinic to ask if the therapists have seen successful results from treating patients with similar complaints.